I'm Travelin' On  

Over the winter we were sans Trusty for two months and were really missing our partner-in-crime. We were sitting around a kitchen table one morning and starting brainstorming what we thought was our first love song. It was the first song the three of us collectively wrote in one sitting, and we quickly realized why. Listening back, this song was just an ode to our van and times on the road we were sorely missing.

Fast-forward a few months, and here we are back on the road in New England! Listen to the "In The Vines" session we did before our show this past Thursday at the beautiful Carolyn's Sakonnet Vineyards in Little Compton, RI. This song will be the first single on our album coming out this July! 

We’re Not in Jersey Anymore, Toto 

After a whirlwind three day trek through the Midwest’s corn fields we found ourselves in Kansas. While it was not the Oz of our expectations the roadsides are definitely paved with yellow bricks of corn and hay bundles and the vastness of beautiful prairie might as well be a magical land compared to the traffic ridden highways of the tri-state area. In the scorching heat that can only come from sun-beaten plains we dipped our toes and washed our road worn faces in the bath-warm water of the Clinton State Park lake. We played music as the sun set, drinking moonshine and sweet tea. 

We made it to Council Grove, an historical point along the Santa Fe trail, and got a taste of the old settler days with lunch at a local saloon. As if the stagecoach entering town wasn’t enough to tickle Matt’s history fancy! Such kind and wonderful folks were out and about at the Washunga Days Festival. Along with a petting zoo stocked with a kangaroo, llama and a camel offering rides (we did not have the gumption to get on) there was great music and snowcones. Emily even had a chance to get up on stage with Call it a Night and show the world her percussion skills! No one got hurt. 

Somehow we woke up the next day in Iowa and a few hours later were in Lanesboro, Minnesota which may be the most perfect town in the world. Everyone is the most healthy looking person, like they are kept healthy from the homegrown food and hand-in-the dirt lifestyle. Our washboard must have gotten swept up by a tornado in Kansas and taken to Oz ‘cause we found ourselves washboardless and had a bit of a panic attack. Luckily, with the help of some new friends we were able to locate not 1 but 2 washboards in some antique shops right before we were set to perform! On top of that stroke of chance, we were approached by a glowing spirit of a woman who grew up in the same town in NJ that Ben grew up in (in fact, they graduated from the same high school) who had left in the 60’s and now finds herself living in Northern California on a farm where she grows Northern California plants and frequents Lanesboro.   

While we did not get to experience a tornado like Emily has been dreaming of but we did live through the most intense storm any of us have ever seen. The lightning and thunder would make a Berlin EDM nightclub light show look like a traffic light. 

While the midwest has been eye opening and inspiring we have to begin heading back tonight after our show in Hutchinson, Minnesota. We’re excited to get back to the Northeast to see all of our friends and play around in our old stomping grounds in New England!

- Ben 

Blue Mountain Air  

We rolled over the hills of Virginia to a town with a population of 171 people. Thinking we were playing for a meal and gas money to get us to North Carolina, we were feeling pretty lazy and uninspired. Until a few people we met gave us a heavy dose of "Oh yeah, this is why we do this." 

One grizzly man sat down with a beer and one big ole smile to egg us into playing with some oomph. With an accent brewed from sweet tea and the blue ridge air he told us how he'd given up his city work to buy a farm and live the rest of his days in the quiet. We bought that man another beer. 

Then, in rolled another Westfalia. What are the f'ing odds! Two free spirited friends were reconnecting after 18 years in Eggleston, VA out of all places. Amelia and her two kids were on a trip from Colorado in their Westfalia and decided to visit Phyllis; a woman straight from the 60's who kept losing her shoes. She found Eggleston in a National Geographic magazine one dreary day in her London flat and said she needed a little sunshine. She packed her things and never looked back. They left to go bathe in the New River but said they'd would be back to hear us perform. We were already packing the van to leave for the night when they returned and said we must play a few songs! How could we say no? Sitting on the edge of Trusty, we played some music under the stars while kids caught fireflies in mason jars and the lovely folks from Eggleston came out from the restaurant to dance.

Maybe it was all of the flower-power love, or maybe the fresh air...but man are we feeling good. Onward to the Kansas plains. 

The Trusty Travels Join GoWesty! 

For the past year and a half we've been traveling around America in good ole Trusty Rusty, spreading our music and visiting some pretty spectacular places. By the end of 2016 Trusty will have driven the back roads of 45 states and 3 Canadian provinces; from freezing August nights in Montana and Wyoming to night cruising on the Pacific Highway to two-stepping in the Shenandoah Valley to waking up to wild horses in New Mexico...it's been a whirlwind and we think it's about f***ing time we start documenting our travels.

We are proud and honored to announce we're joining the GoWesty family as traveling ambassadors alongside so many other vagabonds, wanderlusters, dreamers, and artists living their lives inside a 15 foot home on wheels.

It's a crazy ride but we wouldn't have it any other way. 



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